Camping on San Elijo State Beach


Cardiff by the Sea San Elijo Camp Ground

If you’ve ever been to this beach near San Diego, then I understand why you want to go back here to go camping, and if you’ve never been here, then I recommend you come to the San Elijo State Campground for an unforgettable holiday or short trip on the weekend. Now you’re probably wondering what’s so great about San Elijo, which is exactly what I intend to show you, so make sure to stick around.
The beach itself is beautiful


San Elijo Campground at Sunset Cardiff by the Sea, ca. 92007


Like most of the beaches along the West Coast, San Elijo State Beach is a sight for sore eyes. Just see for yourself, there are clear water and white beaches you can enjoy from dawn to sunset. There is plenty of room for lying on the beach and swimming in the clear water, enough to keep you busy for at least a couple of days. And the bonus you get at the San Elijo State Beach Campground is that most camping sites are just steps to the beach, thus making the experience even better than it already was.


There’s a reason why all the sites are fully booked each summer; the beach is beautiful. Imagine sitting outside your camper, with a glass of wine or a cold beer, staring at the sun setting behind the ocean. Can you imagine a summer night more perfect than this?
There are a lot of water activities


Cardiff by the Sea Cardiff Kook Statue in front of San Elijo Campground

 Cardiff by the Sea - Cardiff Kook Statue in front of San Elijo Campground


There is more to do on the San Elijo Camping then just lying in the sun (although there is nothing wrong with that!) Perhaps you want to finally try out scuba diving, it’s possible at the San Elijo State Beach. On top of scuba diving, you will also be able to take part in snorkeling, windsurfing, and regular board surfing. So, if you’re into any of these water sports then staying on the San Elijo State Campgrounds is definitely not a bad idea. You will have plenty of activities to keep yourself busy.

Non-Water activities.

Perhaps you like being active during your trip, but water sports just aren’t your vibe, then you have nothing to worry about. Then the San Elijo State Beach Camp Ground has other things to offer you. You could try geocaching for example, or what about going biking on one of the many bike trails San Elijo has. Even if you’re not into water sports, you won’t have to be bored.
Take a day trip to San Diego. San Elijo is very close to San Diego, giving you a perfect chance to use one day of your trip to explore this lovely west coast city. San Diego is very close to Mexico, so if you were to want to, you could even visit Mexico. But San Diego on its own has plenty of things to offer to keep you busy.


And the food on its own is a reason to visit, the mix of Mexican and Californian food will please your taste buds. Especially in the last few years, new restaurants have been coming to San Diego, providing you with good food. Or perhaps you’re looking for a little action during the night; luckily San Diego has a bustling night scene for you. Whether you want to visit a club, a karaoke bar or a drag show, all is possible in San Diego. If you always wanted to visit San Diego, then use this trip to San Elijo State Campgrounds to finally make your wish come true. You will not regret it.


Ocean View At San Elijo State Campground on the Beach


As San Diego is the far southwest of the US, the weather is destined to be warm. But because San Elijo is at the beach, it won’t be extremely hot. This combination creates the perfect weather for a beach holiday. If you’re looking for a holiday where you’re guaranteed to have good weather, then this is where you want to be. The laid-back attitude of California people in California, especially the Southern part, are generally more laid back than the rest of US citizens. It makes sense; you can’t be uptight when temperatures are so perfect and the views are to die for. Maybe you don’t want to be laidback all year, but it’s a good attitude to have when you’re on holiday. The atmosphere, that you’ll find all over here in San Elijo, will help you relax during your trip. You probably want to relax during your beach holiday and come back feeling refreshed, the laid-back attitude of this region gives you a perfect chance to do this. Perhaps you don’t like it at first, but learn to embrace it, and you won’t regret it.





San Elijo Camp Ground campsite offers good facilities bathrooms, showers and close proximity to shopping and VG's Doughnuts just across hwy 101 a short easy walk to restaurants market and whatever your missing from your campsite. 
The San Diego Beach Camping gets a lot of good reviews for its camping facilities. The locations are good, and all the utilities you would need are at an approximate distance. The only downside that is named is that the trains run by, which can be noisy, so make sure to bring earplugs when you want to sleep in. But aside from that, the San Diego Beach Camping is the ideal beach camping to stay on. Many people fight for a spot each year, just because they love it so much.


The beach facilities


Not just camping, but the beach offers good facilities as well. The showers are just $1, and there are plenty, to name one example. There is plenty of parking, drinking water is available against the heat, and you even have a camp store to buy any stuff you might need.
In other words, both at the camping and you have access to all the facilities that you could need while at the camping or at the beach.
All in all, we can conclude that the San Elijo State Beach Camp Ground offers everything you need for a perfect beach holiday. Your camping is near the beach and has all the facilities you need. On top of this, there are plenty of activities available on the beach for you to partake in, whether you’re into water sports or not. The rest of the area offers things to do as well, as a day trip to San Diego or Mexico. And finally, the weather will be amazing; you can be sure of that. So, what can still go wrong?


Are you planning to plan a holiday to San Elijo State Beach Camp Ground, if you are then you should try to plan it on time since the campsites are often overbooked? Such an amazing holiday is something that people are willing to fight for.





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