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Rancho Santa Fe Ca. 92067 borders Encinitas to East and has long been one of the most exclusive and desirable Ranch developments in the nation. RSF was originally founded and developed by the same company that ran the Santa Fe Railway. the story is that back in the early 20s the Santa Fe Railway owned a large section of land that they grew 1 million eucalyptus trees for the purpose of making railroad ties. Now after the trees matured and they cut them down and try to make railroad ties they found that they split rail so, what to do, they created Rancho Santa Fe.


Rancho Santa Fe 92067 is the nation's first Homeowners Association with restrictive covenants. The center of Rancho Santa Fe 92067 is known as the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant. This is Home and landowners Association is the oldest in the nation and created a very exclusive area with gentlemen's Ranch's, Citrus Groves horse, private ranches and eventually a beautiful Golf Course that the rich and famous have enjoyed for decades. There are also many properties outside of the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant including undeveloped Rancho Santa Fe Lots The original and well-known zip code is 92067. The landmark of the area in Rancho Santa Fe is the Eucalyptus tree. To this day the streets that wind through Rancho Santa Fe are lined with huge old majestic Ecyliptas trees.


Rancho Santa Fe 92091 is also in RSF but on the outside of the Rancho Santa Fe Association and Covenant many areas in 92091 are within the county of San Diego, and subject to the county of San Diego for municipal oversight and control. Detached homes in Rancho Santa Fe in the 92091 range from 1.4 million 2 over 10 million dollars one of the well-known developments in the Rancho Santa Fe 92091 is the golf community known as The Bridges. This Tuscon inspired, styled, fille development is designed around a world-class golf course with fabulous amenities and a gated private entrance. 


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Niemann Ranch Road 6.14 acres $1,195,000.00  MLS Detail Information 

Niemann Ranch Road 4.08 acres $1,195,000.00  MLS Detail Information   




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Overhead picture of Niemann Ranch Road Lots in Rancho Santa Fe 6.14 acre and 4.08 acre




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