Coastal Lots for Sale in Cardiff by the Sea, CA



West of I-5

Separately or in Combination

Neighborhood Homes Range From $1.3M - $2.5M

Current address: 2061 Mackinnon Ave., Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007

 $998000 for 40+' lots

 $750000 for 25' lot








This property resides west of I-5 in Cardiff by the Sea, a beach community located in Encinitas, California. This area is highly rated for its beaches and surfing and lies 24 miles north of downtown San Diego and just 4 miles north of the Del Mar Fairgrounds, the home of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club racetrack. An hours ride east brings one to the mountain community of Julian or going just a bit further, the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. And there is winter skiing about 3 hours to the north in the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains. Other attractions just a short ride away: the world famous San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Balboa Park, Sea World, Mission Bay, and LEGOLAND California.

The Community

Cardiff by the Sea is a beach community in Encinitas with the world-famous Swami's beach at the northern boundary, the San Elijo State Beach with its campgrounds on the west, and the San Elijo Lagoon Reserve at the southern end. There are restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping. Adjacent on the north is downtown Encinitas which has become quite a center for restaurants and nightlife. A transit center sits downtown and is a hub for bus transit and the Coaster rail commuter which can be boarded for travel to coastal towns north and south. Cardiff has a couple of elementary schools, a high school on the north boundary, the San Dieguito Academy, and just beyond it is Oak Crest Middle School.

Besides the beaches, Encinitas has:


    • 19 parks with the largest being the 44 acres "Encinitas Community Park"



A good overview of Cardiff can be read in this description.


Property Description


Three lots have an approximate 41' to 43' frontage while the fourth smaller lot has a 25' frontage. They are available separately or in combination.

    • The lots sit on the top of an ocean facing ridge at an elevation of approximately 230', are about a 0.7 min walk to the beach (about .55mi as the crow flies), and receive sunshine the full day.


    • The lots are level with a 15"-22" north-south step along with the property about 75' from the front.


    • There is a downward slope adjacent to the property on the east side; beyond which resides an apartment complex. The complex lays well below the level of the property (approximately 60'-80' vertical differential) so no adjacent structures are visible looking horizontal to the rear. The closest structure in the complex is just over 200' from the SE corner of the property. The result is complete privacy to the rear.


    • The view to the east consists of trees rising from the adjacent property and the hillside neighborhood across I-5.


    • There is a panoramic view from a roof deck (on top a 2nd story) including some ocean view.


  • The nearest lane of I-5 lies about 600' from the rear property line.




Demolition was completed in January and the COC (Certificate of Compliance) has been recorded with the County of San Diego. The new map has been submitted to the county and we are now awaiting the APNs for the new lots. We will entertain offers at any time.


Best Use

The most floor space would be realized with two-story single family homes, though other configurations are possible such as a four-unit condominium, dual duplexes, etc.. A basement would allow more floor space. The following configurations might be possible depending on the lot:

    • basement, a front entry garage at ground level with living space in the rear, a 2nd story, and roof deck.


  • basement with garage and living space, a 1st and 2nd story, and roof deck.


The lots could also be combined. E.G. lots 8 and PAR 1 could be combined for a duplex.

Homes on older zoned 25' lots abound in Cardiff with many new ones still entering the market or currently in construction.




How the Lots Might Appear When Developed

Below is a designer's conceptual rendering of four adjacent homes on these lots in a modern style to illustrate how the lots might appear when developed by the buyers. These designs include functional internal layouts. The two northern homes have a basement with a first-floor garage while the southern two have an underground garage. Note the sublevel patio on the narrow lot opening to the east; since the rear of the lots face a downward slope, such a design might be feasible on any of the lots.*

* These conceptual designs are subject to review and acceptance by a licensed architect, City of Encinitas, and engineering feasibility.




Home Renderings © Alexander A. Escobell.

Renderings by:

Designer of Conceptual Units:   Alexander A. Escobell
Phone:     805.794.4317


View from the rear.


Lot Sizes


Lot ID
(Per attached map)
Approximate Size
(Width x Depth in ft)
Approximate Area
Lot 8* 25.0 x 91 2297 (2398 effective)
Par 1* 44.3 x 100 4604 (4503 effective)
Par 2 43.4 x 104 4524
Par 3 42.4 x 108 4567


*Note: We intend to have the small triangular section of Par 1 which lies east of Lot 8 (with an area of approximately 100sqft), be a permanent easement to Lot 8. This will effectively give Lot 8 full access to the east and make the effective area of Par 1 closer to Par 2 and Par 3. 

Record of Survey Map NO. 22271:

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