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OK Let's Get Your Home Ready To Sell And Call It Sold 


l Fertilize the lawn, green is better than brown. Reseed as needed.

l Make sure gardener trims the hedges, weeds the lawns and flowerbeds, prunes overgrown trees. Power-wash the exterior.

l Check for and disclose any cracks in foundation, steps, walkways, walls, and patios.

l Make sure rain gutters and downspouts are clean and will flow freely.

l Clean driveway concrete as best as possible

l Clean all the windows and screens

l A cleaning service is a good idea for deep cleaning before marketing for sale.

l Walls and ceilings should be painted off white rather than colors. Keep the pallet clean

l Calk and fill all cracks and holes in plaster and drywall and touch up with matching paint.

l Broken windows should be fixed.

l Repair or replace broken faucets. shower heads should be fully functional with no clogs. Check drains and clean as needed

l Clean or replace worn carpets, wood floors should be polished.

l Clean fireplace and lay some fresh wood logs.

l Fix torn screens. Clean windows and tracks.

l Make sure all light bulbs are working. Brighter light bulbs are better for showing.

l Secure creaking boards or stairs; make sure doors don't squeak.

l Make sure to clean all appliances

l Replace old toilet seats and any old shower curtains.

l Look for cobwebs from corners and doorways.

l Clean all light switches, handrails, and doorknobs.



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